Go Knoxville’s fun things to do The Nicholas Gibbs Historical Society invites anyone interested in local history, the Gibbs community and the Gibbs family to attend an open house at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 11, at the original log home at 7633 East Emory Road, near Harbison’s Crossroads. http://ift.tt/1ZCln7O Thank you for reading your Log Home News on www.LogBlog.info to see the rest of the story on Go Knoxville’s fun things to do please visit http://ift.tt/1ZCln7O #loghome #loghomenews #loghomebook #loghomeapp 2016 Log Home Book of Year: http://ift.tt/1qK0Fr2 #1 Log Home Cost Estimation App: http://ift.tt/1SDBwED